Find the Ideal Location

Determine if you need Drywall anchors with a stud finder if you’re able to.

Level The mount or get it as close as you can by eyeballing it.

Mark two of the four holes.

Make sure the pen or pencil can fit into the holes properly before preparing to mark the wall.

Install drywall anchors with a Phillips head screwdriver.

It can be easier to screw the wall anchor in if you lightly smack the back of the screwdriver into the wall to start a small hole.

Screw the two included Phillips head screws into the drywall anchors or stud.

Recommend using outer holes (where screws are currently located in the picture) for drywall anchors.

The two middle holes(Pictured without screws to the left) when attached to a stud.

You can now hang your planter before or after planting into it.